Food allergies coaching

It can be difficult and frustrating to manage food allergies.

" Whether you have allergies or gastrointestinal issues, my role is to adapt your dietary to your specific needs. I have all the necessary knowledge to guide you on the types of foods to consume for good health".

What does a food allergy coach do ?

Each family has his own concerns

As a 10-year Food Allergy Mama turned Food Allergy Coach, my mission is to help you find balance with nutrition by being inclusive and always offering tasty alternatives in your meal plan with consideration of your allergies and intolerances.  You have to live a normal life without missing out on birthday parties, at school, while dining out, and traveling.  

Through recipes, practical advice and resources, I will help parents and their children enjoy their everyday life.

Why you Need a Food Allergy Coach ?

Sessions can be held individually or in a family format, in person or virtually