About me

Parisian mum of three kids, we moved to New York city 2 years ago. In France, I used to work as a journalist, writing about health topics for different magazine/sites (passeportsanté – medisite – pourquoi dr);

Nutrition has always been very important to me and even more after the birth of my first child.

All 3 of my children were born with food allergies. Daily life was hard to manage that’s why I decided to become a nutrition coach, specialized in food allergies. 

My mission is to empower parents of children with food allergies and intolerances and help them and their children thrive in everyday life.  

Once we moved to NYC, I got my certification, as a health coach, in the USA. I built a program designed to help you choose healthy foods and beverages at home and when eating out.

During the sessions with me, a certified health coach, you will learn:

ž        Which foods are best for growing kids

ž        How to read nutrition labels in general and if you have food allergies

ž        How to determine the signs and symptoms of food intolerance

ž        How to identify good vs bad fats

ž        How much protein the body needs

ž        Creative activities to get the whole family moving

ž        Practical information to make the transition easy in your family